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Vapor ABrasive Blasting

"Low-Dust" Blast Cleaning

Vapor Abrasive blasting, also known as “dustless blasting,” effectively cleans surfaces using a water mist combined with abrasive particles. This innovative method offers several advantages:

  1. Minimal Dust: The water mist suppresses dust, creating a cleaner work environment.
  2. Lubrication: The water mist lubricates the interaction between the abrasive particles and the surface, resulting in a smoother finish.
  3. Finer Surface Finish: Vapor or Wet Abrasive blasting leaves behind a finer and softer surface, enhancing the overall appearance.
  4. Grease Removal: The process efficiently removes greasy residue while cleaning the surface.
  5. Gentle on Surfaces: Vapor blasting is gentle on various surfaces, making it suitable for a wide range of applications.

Experience the benefits of vapor blasting for your cleaning needs. Contact us today to learn more!

Vapor Abrasive Blasting Is One Of Our Most Requested Services

We take pride in offering exceptional service, and to achieve that, we rely on the best equipment from leading manufacturers.

For our dustless wet abrasive blasting projects, we trust EcoQuip® blast equipment. Renowned for its advanced technology, EcoQuip® ensures consistent satisfaction even for the most challenging projects.

Our vapor abrasive blasting services are suitable for various applications, including:

  • Industrial: Removing coatings, preparing surfaces for painting, cleaning storage tanks, eliminating rust and scale, erasing roadway markings, exposing welds, maintaining buildings and commercial sites, and handling contaminant abatement and offshore corrosion control.

  • Restoration Work: Revitalizing brick, block, stone, and stucco buildings, as well as wood siding, fences, wrought iron, metals, monuments, grave markers, and historic items.

  • Marine Applications: Removing anti-foul paint and barrier coatings, eliminating aged paint, barnacle irradiation, and restoring varnish and discoloration.

  • Graffiti Removal: Tackling graffiti on various surfaces such as traffic signs, concrete, sandstone, limestone, asphalt, statues, vehicles, plastic, brick, marble, wood, and stucco.

  • General Cleaning: Virtually any surface can be effectively cleaned with our vapor blasting method, even delicate surfaces that may not withstand other blast-cleaning techniques.

Experience the power of our vapor abrasive blasting services. Contact EMS to discuss your project and benefit from our expertise!

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State-Of-The-Art Blasting Service

Looking for a reliable vapor abrasive blasting service? Look no further! EMS specializes in top-of-the-line vapor and wet abrasive blasting services that deliver exceptional results.

Our skilled team utilizes state-of-the-art equipment and advanced techniques to provide efficient and effective blast cleaning for a wide range of surfaces.

With our blasting services, you can expect superior cleaning power combined with an environmentally friendly approach. Our technique harnesses the power of water mist and abrasive particulates to remove stubborn coatings, rust, grime, and more. And final results with a finer, softer finish while effectively removing grease and residues.

Our vapor abrasive blast cleaning service can revitalize various surfaces, from industrial equipment and structures to historical monuments and marine vessels. Our experienced team will ensure thorough and deep cleaning, leaving surfaces looking renewed and restored.

Contact us now to discuss your project requirements and let our experts handle your blast cleaning needs with precision and expertise.


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Project Work

"Dustless" Cleaning + Restoration in Action!

Vapor Abrasive Blasting Concrete | Indiana Wesleyan University. Marion, Indiana
Building Cleaning | Parkview Memorial Hospital. Fort Wayne, Indiana
Main Street Bridge Restoration | Downtown. Fort Wayne, Indiana
Various Vapor Abrasive Blasting Projects | Multiple Locations

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“Need consultation on your facility?  With over 10 years of experience as an estimator, I am prepared to assist with your needs! Leave a message outlining your situation and I’ll be in touch!

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Nick Papaik

Project Manger + Estimator | EMS, INC

Nick Papaik

Project Manger + Estimator | EMS, INC

Nick Papaik is a Project Manager & Estimator for the Mobile Blasting & Industrial Cleaning Services. With nearly a decade of experience working on a large variety of projects, Nick’s experience is invaluable to the EMS customer base.

Trained & Certified in 40-hour Hazwoper, 30-hour OSHA, NFPA 654 combustible dust, and 32-hour Lead Abatement Supervisor. Nick’s work has taken him around the country for specialized training provided by the equipment manufacturers in Dry Ice, Sponge, and Vapor Blasting technologies!

Nick and his family love to travel & actively participate in their church. To relax, Nick loves to Hunt and Fish!

Vapor Abrasive Blasting F.A.Q.

Most Commonly Asked Customer Questions

Vapor blasting, also known as wet abrasive blasting, offers significant dust reduction benefits. Multiple third-party testing reports have shown that vapor blasting can minimize dust by over 70%, with some reports even indicating a reduction of up to 92%.

This reduction in dust is highly advantageous for customers as it helps to lower containment costs and create a safer and cleaner work environment for operators. By minimizing dust, vapor blasting significantly reduces hazards and the risk of workplace injuries.

Experience the benefits of vapor blasting for yourself. Contact us today to discuss your project and discover how our professional vapor blasting service can provide you with a safer and more efficient blasting experience.

EMS is your trusted regional expert in “dustless” blasting services. With years of experience and a portfolio of successful high-profile projects, we have established ourselves as industry leaders. Take a look at our gallery above to see some examples of our exceptional workmanship and the impressive results we have achieved.

When it comes to dustless blasting, you can count on EMS to deliver outstanding quality and professional service. Contact us today to discuss your blasting needs and let us provide you with the perfect solution for your project.

Vapor blasting is a versatile technique used for delicate restoration projects as well as heavy industrial applications.

If you’re considering a Vapor/Wet Abrasive Blasting project, our experienced EMS Estimator will visit your site and provide a free consultation and estimate tailored to your specific needs.

While you have the option to rent equipment and attempt a DIY approach, the results can be unpredictable. Hiring EMS’s skilled professionals is a cost-effective and thorough solution that ensures optimal outcomes.

The best part is that our initial consultation is absolutely free! Our estimator, with over 10 years of experience, will personally come to your location and provide expert guidance and support. Don’t hesitate to schedule your consultation today and experience the exceptional service that makes EMS feel like family.

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