Wet Abrasive Blasting

You could hardly ask for a more environmentally safe and friendly method of concrete low dust blasting / sandblast finishing (exposed aggregate finishing), cleaning, surface coating removal, and surface preparation than wet abrasive blasting. It’s another one of our specialties, too.

The name pretty much describes the process. In low dust blasting / wet abrasive blasting, surfaces are bombarded with a water mist containing abrasive particulates. This offers a number of advantages over traditional blasting methods:
  • Little to no dust is produced throughout the blasting process.
  • The mist acts as a lubricant between the particulates and the surface.
  • You get a finer, softer surface finish because of the mist.
  • The process also degreases as it cleans.
  • And no abrasive particulates are impregnated in softer surfaces.

    We use EcoQuip® blast equipment for all of our dustless wet abrasive blasting projects. EcoQuip, an industry leader, has developed advanced technology to provide the first system that can be used to …
  • clean delicate surfaces like sandstone and limestone at pressures as low as 30psi, and
  • clean off stubborn surface coatings with pressures as high as 125psi.


    This technology uses a mixture of airflow, water mist, and media (whatever particulate might be called for) to achieve superior results. Airborne particulates are reduced by 90 percent. And little to no containment or cleanup is required.
    Wet abrasive blasting is especially useful in …
    • Industry – to remove unwanted coatings, prepare surfaces for recoating, clean storage tanks, remove rust and scale, eliminate roadway markings, expose welds, maintain buildings and sites, provide contaminate abatement, provide for offshore corrosion control
    • Restoration Work – on brick, block, stone, or stucco buildings, wood siding, fences (including wrought iron), decorative metals, monuments, statues, grave markers or headstones, artifacts and historic items
    • Marine Applications – such as bottom painting to remove anti-foul paint or barrier coatings, removing paint and barnacles from running gear, removing varnish and discoloration from teak decking
    • Graffiti Removal – on highway signs, concrete, sandstone, limestone, asphalt, statues, autos, plastic, brick, marble, wood, stucco
    • General Cleaning – of a wide variety of surfaces, including some too delicate for other blast-cleaning methods.

    To learn more about our wet abrasive blasting services and how your company can benefit from them, contact EMS.

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