Mold Removal

You can’t escape it entirely. Mold including Black Mold is everywhere. Indoors and out. Most of it – and, make no mistake, mold species number in the hundred thousands! – is harmless to anyone who’s reasonably healthy. But too much exposure to certain kinds of mold can bring on or make worse asthma, hay fever, and other types of allergies. And, yes, there are some pretty toxic molds out there.

So, what can you do about mold? Call EMS, the mold removal experts. We follow all EPA guidelines keeping you safe. Before we do anything else, we come to your site and assess the extent of your mold problem. Just as there are all kinds of molds, there are all kinds of reasons for mold growth.

If the assessment reveals a need for removal, we have what it takes to do it – professionally, thoroughly, safely.

The biggest breeding ground for mold including black mold is a wet or consistently damp environment – the kind typically found in bathrooms and basements. So moisture resolution is our first order of mold removal business.

We’ll pump out water, rip out damaged building materials, such as damp, moldy drywall and rusted light fixtures, then use large commercial dehumidifiers and air scrubbers to dry and clean the air. The final stage in mold removal is an air clearance test, after which you can call in other contractors to take care of repairs and any remodeling.

"I would highly recommend EMS for your next project, because in the end, they are always on time and on budget."
               -Richard K. Long, Assistant Director of Facilities, Support & Transportation
Mold: a real problem. EMS: a real solution. 
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