Industrial Facility Cleaning

Industrial and Manufacturing facilities are generally dirty places. With parts, chemicals, tools, and finished products constantly flowing in and out of facilities, they can become dirty very quickly. In some industrial and manufacturing facilities, the use of harmful products and chemicals can contaminate the building, creating a potentially unsafe work environment for workers. Even harmless fluids and chemicals can make quite a mess from steam, smoke, or other off gassing, attaching dirt and debris to the building’s components and structure.

Environmental Management Specialists, Inc. understands the challenges that industrial manufacturers face and is equipped to provide cost effective cleaning, decontamination, and restoration services for nearly all types of manufacturing operations. Our OSHA-trained staff is equipped with state of the art cleaning, decontamination, and restoration equipment designed to leave your facility clean, safe, and up to code. With our history of Environmental Remediation, building containments and keeping the hazards confined & contained is in our DNA. Therefore, we can usually offer to meet cleaning needs and requirements with minimal outages and downtime for our customers.

Whether cleaning oil from poly backed insulation, degreasing process line equipment, or remediating combustible dusts, Environmental Management Specialists, Inc. has the right tools for any facility cleaning job.


  • Degreasing
  • Dust remediation
  • Process line cleaning
  • Paint Preparation



  • Low Moisture Foam
  • Dry Ice Blasting
  • Intrinsically Safe Vacuuming
  • HEPA Vacuuming
  • Low Dust Abrasive Blasting (Dry/Wet)
  • Pressure Washing (Hot/Cold)
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