Blasting Services

Dry Ice Blasting    -    Sponge Blasting    -    Sand Blasting    -    Wet Abrasive Blasting
Environmental Management Specialists is paving the way in environmentally responsible mobile blasting operations. Traditional "Sandblasting" has major costs associated with it from high waste streams to high worker injuries. Environmental Management Specialists has invested in high tech blasting equipment reducing these deficiencies while increasing productivity and safety along with keeping costs competitive. More specifically by adding Dry Ice Blasting which eliminates 100% of media waste generated and much of the associated ricochet, an unsafe result of sandblasting, or by utilizing Vaporblasting and Spongeblasting which eliminate most of the dust, which is comparable to "Dustless" blasting. Therefore, we can offer a cost effective and responsible solutions for whatever your blasting needs may be.