ASH Plaza Architectural Concrete Etch Finishing

In efforts to further set apart the midwest's largest greenspace, the design team utilized a popular trend of concrete etching. Following the exterior look of the building, an etch pattern was set. The only problem was this was 6 stories up in down town Fort Wayne, IN. How does one sandblast concrete in that environment with out covering the city in dust? That is where we come in... With our state of the art "Vapor Blasting" equipment we did the job in a cost effective manner with not a single dust complaint. 
Even with the dust controlled, this was no simple project. Equipment had to be hoisted via Crane, fuel brought up 6 flights everyday, and precise lines needed to be followed to give the crisp look the building owner and his team were looking for. Even once that was accomplished there was 24,750 lbs of blast media plus concrete "slurry" that had to be cleaned up and taken off the roof. All of these things considered, there was still a very strict time line that had to be kept.
With hard work, dedication, and passion for what we do, this project turned out beautiful. It was on time, on budget, and most importantly done safe.
Check out some of the pictures below!