What type of Building Materials contain Asbestos?

Some of the most common asbestos containing materials (ACM's) are:
Cement PipesPacking Materials (wall/floor penetrations)Electrical Cloth
Cement WallboardHigh Temperature GasketsElectric Wiring Insulation
Cement SidingLaboratory Hoods/Table TopsChaulkboards
Asphalt Floor TileLaboratory GlovesRoofing Shingles
Vinyl Floor TileFire BlanketsRoofing Felt
Vinyl Sheet FlooringFire CurtainsBase Flashing
Flooring BackingElevator Equipment PanelsThermal Paper Products
Construction Mastics (floor tile, carpet, ceiling tile)Elevator Brake ShoesFire Doors
Accoustical PlasterHVAC Duct InsulationCaulking/Putties
Decorative PlasterBoiler InsulationAdhesives
Textured Paints/CoatingsBreaching InsulationWallboard/Transite
Ceiling Tiles and Lay-in PanelsDuctwork Flexible Fabric ConnectionsJoint Compounds
Spray-Applied InsulationCooling TowersVinyl Wall Coverings
Blown-in InsulationPipe Insulation (air-cell, block, layered paper)Spackling Compounds
Fireproofing MaterialsHeating and Electrical DuctsSealants
Taping Compounds (thermal)Electrical Partition Panels